MSL Circular Advertisement screen

2 meter circular VIdeo Screen

MSL Video Screen

2 Meter Standard Screen [P10]

MSL high level Convex Video Screens stand out caused by flexibility of the Radius and the special designed LED lenses. MSL Convex screens can be build to a radius as low as 0.5meters. The LED lenses offer a softer mix of hte colors and no color change from different viewing angles. All screens are equipped with OSRAM high brightness, thinfilm Chip LED's to guarantee optimum visibillity at a sunny day. Modules are sealed using Maxtron's VACseal technology, The rigid anodized Aluminum housing can be colored [powder coated] accordingly the customers requirements, on special order as well. The ASYNC control is equipped with light senso to adjust the brightnes to the ambient brightness and build according to international standarsd. Only certified components are build into our In-housed produced screens and controls.  While the standard sizes of our circular screens are 2 meters, 3 meters and 4meters. everything else in between can be built to suit on special orders as well.

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