Large scale Signage

Large Signs

Programmable LED Show Light signs

Large size LED Signage
Large size Signage, contain a heavy steel back-frame, Aluminum Panels, decorated with a, mostly printed, Vinyl cover. For the xtra 3 dimensional look we use 3 layers. The contour Level is produced with ALUCOBOND┬« PLUS (EN classes B-s1, d0). The Channel-lettering is made of welded aluminum [powder coated]. As for the lighting, most polar for the LED signage are the EP Series and the E-Modules. Larger Sign designs offer the option for other LED light Modules as well. The addition of the the EP4/3-29, a 29mm diameter miniature Module, has raised the options for small Signs. All signs can be embedded into MSL Light Systems. All signs are operated by the same protocol. the signs are operated at a safe voltage of 36VDC. The controller can be programmed with our ColorLabs App.  

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