MSL Control Systems

DMX free Controls for MSL Light Systems

All Maxtron Controllers and computer Boards are in-house produced to ensure parts availabillity, independent from third-party supplliers and observed every step of the way during the production. Each Controller is a unique product to control the respective MSL Show Light System from 50 Lights to 10,000 Lights. The current Flag-Ship Controller V5 offers 24 Frames/ Sec and 65 k colors [16bit] and works as a Stand-Alone controller. The Color-Labs generated Programs can be loaded via SD card, Lan or WiFi. The newest update [arriving May 2022] offers AtrNet integration and Live funtion from an external Computer equipped with ColorLabs while still operating the MSL Show Light Modules via the safe and fast MSL V5 protocol [3 wire technology].

  • In addition, MSL offers the options of a Centralized Light Control System and a De-centralized Control System, what is the difference?
  1. The centralized System operates, by the example of a Ferris wheel, is, together with the PowerPacks, mounted near the center of the wheel. All lights are fed with electric currrent and the necessary signals from the center into the light channels. this kind of controls is easier to install and more cost efficient than the other choice.
  2. At the De-centralized Controls, the SmartPacksĀ© are mounted to the outer end of the spokes, this version is easier to maintain since the staff does not need to access the center of the wheel and work can be done at Ground level. This kind of system is more cost intensive since it requires more Power Supplies, since every spoke is now fed from the outside of the wheel. SmartPacks are PowerPacks equipped with the drivers for each Spoke and connected to a controller via a Network Line.

MSL uses exclusively international Standard Components and fulfill the highest Quality requirements. The Aluminum enclosures are fabricated by Maxtron and equipped with a longlasting Door-seal because of its unique design [custom designs are welcome]. The rigid enclosers are available anodized or custom color powder coated [akzo Nobel].


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